Invocatory Prelude

The following is a portion of the "Invocatory Prelude" of Astronoesis by Anthony Damiani. We feel that all of Anthony's wisdom and understanding can be found in the Invocation, albiet in a very condensed form.  Please note that if you would like to hear Anthony speak this invocation, you can find a recording of it on our file download section in our "Members only" section of the website.

The sublime majesty of Truth’s presence in the sacred sermons of so many wise ones, those of good will, ultimately guides us to the ways of peace and wisdom, lovely, the holy.  And so our troubled hearts are reassured, and we can read and reread about God’s word in many scriptures.

However incomprehensible, a faith settles into our hearts  that awakens the desire to understand Infinity and Forever.  The dedication is eternal and to the Eternal.  For the Word becomes flesh – and this is an eternal utterance, an act that includes the human heart mounted on a towering aspiration.  Yet even this pyramiding love is without effect unless winged with His Grace.  So we shall let fly our supplications, enfolded in holy silence on wings of veneration, to the throne of our most Sovereign Good with the request to guide the spirit of our understanding, wherein we stand within His Light, in order to see the pouring out of the Sacred Word mad manifest.

We read, in Eckhart’s seventeenth sermon:

In principio erat verbum. (John 1:1) Theologians talk of the eternal Word.  God never spoke but one word, and that is still unspoken.  The explanation is this.  The eternal Word is the logos of the Father which is his only begotten Son our Lord Jesus Christ.  In him he pronounces all creatures without beginning and without end.  This accounts for the Word remaining unborn, for it never came out of the Father. (p 57)”

Deepening the same idea, and perhaps stating it more profoundly, in sermon 35:

Dominus dicit: sta in porta domus domini et praedica verbum istud, (Jer 7:2) The Lord says ‘Stand in the gate of God’s house and proclaim his word, extol his word.’  The heavenly Father speaks one Word and that he speaks eternally and in this Word expends he all his might: his entire God-nature he utters in this Word and the whole of creatures.  This Word lies hidden in the soul unnoticed and beyond our ken, and were it not for rumors in the ground of hearing we should never heed it; but all sounds and voices have to cease and silence, perfect stillness, reign.  This is a meaning I will not pursue. (p 95)”

In this relatively short compass, Eckhart indicates an overwhelmingly vast revelation which has preoccupied the human intellect, despite all the historical differences in the spirit of any age – one to which any number of sacred discourses can testify.  Among its many formulations we find Plato’s “Idea of the Good”, John’s “the Word made flesh,” “the conceptions of the Father” in the Chaldean sacred oracles, and the sacred syllable Pranava Aum of the Hindus.

We intend to pursue meanings that Eckhart did not elaborate.  In doing so, we pursue a vision, for in that Vision all of it lies.  What is this vision?  Is it granted to all? Yes, but the degree of penetration into it varies.  The heavens are spread out before us in this vast placelessness and are directly perceived.  Within it lies the key to the infinite treasure, the holiest temple of wisdom and abode of our Sun of Glory, manifesting the unfathomable Word of God, The Primal scripture, expertly revealed by the nineteenth Psalm:

“The heavens tell out the glory of God, the vault of heaven reveals his handwork. 
One day speaks to another, night with night shares its knowledge,
and this without speech or language or sound of any voice.

Their music goes out through all the earth, their words reach to the end of the world.
In them a tent is fixed for the sun, who comes out like a bridegroom from his weeding canopy,
rejoicing like a strong man to run his race.  His rising is at one end of the heavens,
his circuit touches their farthest ends; and nothing is hidden from his heat.”

(New English Bible).

To explore this vision, this contemplation, the utmost stillness of the mind and all its faculties is required.  Too few of us today have even any idea of what such a requirement means.  For the extreme difficulty of attaining the stage of introversion that is beyond and more fundamental than even the archetypal imaginal reality has not yet dawned on the horizon of our contemporary mentality.  Only a sage – one who has achieved such a state and can abide in or re-enter it at will – can guide us. For even when we get a glimpse, our murky reflection of consciousness – infested as it is with the potentialities and trace of other experience – reasserts itself and distorts our understanding of what we in that moment produced.