The Metaphysics of Truth

The Metaphysics of Truth
February 16-19, 2018


"We cannot see the Truth and still be what we were before we saw it. That is why Truth comes in glimpses, for we cannot sustain staying away from ourselves too long, that is to say, from our egos."

Perpsectives and Notebooks 22.8.31

Winter Studies at Wisdom’s Goldenrod will focus on material from Paul Brunton’s writings – The Notebooks, The Hidden Teaching, and The Wisdom of the Overself, but will also include Plotinus and Iyer.

The event will begin with meditation at 5:30 on Friday, February 16, followed by a light meal and an evening session. The rest of the event will be in the day. On Saturday and Sunday there will be a morning session starting at 9:00 am, followed by lunch, an afternoon session, and then 5:30 meditation. At this time, only a morning session is planned for Monday.

All are welcome to come to any or all of the sessions.

Donations, as always, are happily accepted.

Remote participation is available via WebEx, but you’ll need to sign up for that in advance, by emailing Harriet Eisman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Friday evening – What is Truth? Paras from The Notebooks  – Cindy Stillman and Helen Perl
Saturday morning – Towards a More Complete Metaphysics. Material from V. Subrahmanya Iyer and PB – Louis De Sarno
Saturday afternoon – Inward Seeing. Paras from The Notebooks – Mark Scorelle
Sunday morning – Why Truth Matters: Plotinus and PB on Truth and Self-Knowledge – Michael Wakoff
Sunday afternoon – Metaphysics of Truth in  The Hidden Teaching and  The Wisdom of the Overself – Herbert Shapiro
Monday morning -- Metaphysics of Truth in The Notebooks – David Bulkley


Although the pure truth has never been stated, nevertheless it has never been lost.
Its existence does not depend upon human statement but upon human sensitivity.
In this it is unlike all other knowledge.


Notebooks 20.5.191