The Diagrams of Anthony Damiani

2015 was an important year in the archiving of Anthony Damiani’s materials.  He left us a treasure trove of gifts and we wish to share with you a sampling of those gifts, in some way, the crown jewels, his hand drawn diagrams, presented here on our website for the first time.

There are over 300 such diagrams and the process of adding them to the site is a time consuming one.  They will be added to the site as time permits.  A title will be given to each one, which is intended to help identify the overall purpose of the diagram.  If some are mislabeled, it is sole the fault of the webmaster.

If you had not studied with Anthony or if you have not read Astronoesis, these diagrams may appear to you like the Alchemical plates in the writings of Carl Jung or Manly Palmer Hall – amazing pictures with hidden meanings buried just outside the grasp of the uninitiated. Anthony’s diagrams also have meaning and can be comprehended in that there is an inherent metaphysical structure on which they are based. We hope in the future to help unfolded, shed some light on these diagrams before they become like the diagrams of Robert Fludd – images whose meaning escapes us.

It is not suggested that we take on the task Anthony took on when he wrote Astronoesis, where he lays out the scope of an overwhelming vision, but that we leave a few lights by the diagrams in hopes that their meaning will better shine forth for those who come after us.

For me, when I look at some of the diagrams, especially the ones dealing with the” Idea of Man” or “The Divided line”, they give me something to hold onto as these subtle and slippery ideas are discussed  --the dual nature of the soul, the paradoxical nature of life, and all that which is actually beyond knowing.  They also allow me to use different mental faculties whiles wrestling with the ideas --  reason, being the main function, feeling when seeing the actual beauty in the Ideas, represented by the diagrams, and when lucky a moment of inspiration/intuition.

Yes, Anthony taught us to think (or did is best to, and demonstrated it to us, day after day), but to me he was as much an artist as he was a great thinker.  He felt as deeply as he thought, each playing off of each other in the best possible way and his diagrams are the results of his efforts.

Please enjoy Anthony’s diagrams, and let us know what you think.

--wg Webmaster