Monday night class -- Lookikng into Mind -- summary

June 2, 2014:

Our class this past Monday night discussed Paul Brunton's writings and Anthony Damiani’s discussion to understand what is meant by mentalism and materialism and how one is a truer world view and life experience than the other.  Our reading from Brunton is excerpted:

"Only those who have not grasped mentalism can assert that it denies the existence of the objects of experience.  It only questions the nature of the content of such experience.  It only denies their materiality and unquestioningly affirms their existence.”  

We discussed this and Anthony’s comment:  "Mentalism doesn’t deny the existence of the objects of experience just because it says that they are ideas.  A lot of people think that when you say a thing is an idea, you’ve gotten rid of it."

So, we discussed the persistence of the object and the fact that ordinarily we cannot change the compelling nature of the world we know---how to account for that persistence even though we call the object a"thought".