Classes and Events at Wisdom's Goldenrod


Wisdom’s Goldenrod offers on-going, discussion-based classes throughout the week, led by long-term students of the Center. Most classes take place at the Center, but several are given in other locations and some are now given online.  Please check the class venue for details. Newcomers are encouraged to join the classes at any point (there is no beginning or end, so just jump on in).  Although we do not formally charge for these classes, there are a number of ways to contribute to help with the upkeep of the facilities.  If your are interested, please check out these class summaries.

Workshops and Events:

From time to time, we offer workshops and seminars. These too are open to the public.  We sometimes have charge for these events to cover expenses.  Suggested donation amounts will be posted in the specific event notification.


Our set meditation schedule can be viewed on the calendar.  We also schedule a seasonal meditation session around the turn of the seasons as well as "sunset" meditations.  Please see calendar for times and a dates.


Click here to see the current Class, events and meditation schedule