It is our honor to be able to present to you a paper that Michael Wakoff delivered to the Prometheus Trust Conference on July 5, 2014:  "If It Was What It Speaks": the Human Soul's Attainment of Self-Knowledge according to Plotinus.

The Geometric meaning of the Zodiac:

We are please to be able to present videos of Lenny Silver's talks: on "The Geometric meaning of the Zodiac",  part one, and part two. Lenny has also made available a document called "Stars" -- a Coda to his talks.



  1. Levels of Selfhood, by Lenny Silver January 10, 2014
  2. Symbol and the One, by Herbert Shapiro, September 5, 2009
  3. Why 360?. by Lenny Silver
  4. Thoughts on Number, by Herbert Shapiro, 2008
  5. Anthony: How did he do that? by Avery Solomon, 2009
  6. Nalanda comes to Valois: A response to Hos Holiness the Dali Lama, by Avery Solomon, 2009
  7. Unities in the One in the view of Quantum Mechanical analogy, By Avery Solomon, 2009
  8. Paul Brunton, A Bridge Between India and the West, by Annie Cahn Fung, 2004
  9. Paul Brunton, A Quest for Truth, by Annie Cahn Fung, 2004
  10. The Cosmic Vision, by Mark Scorelle, 2000
  11. "The Scopion of Death" -- Wisdom of the Overself, by Mark Scorelle, 1999
  12. "The Wonder of Awareness" Wisdom of the Overself, by Mark Scorelle, 1998
  13. Sophia: Exile and Return, by Kathleen Granville Damiani
  14. Samkhya Tattvas, by Tim Smith



  1. Interview with Raphael, April 2000

A Talk from Wisdom's Goldenrod Summer Studies 2013
by Jeff Cox

The primary purpose of practicing meditation is to learn to focus the mind on a specific thought or object so that we can develop the concentration necessary for stabilization of the mind. Once the mind is stable enough, it becomes possible to make a sustained, penetrative inquiry to discover our true nature. With stabilization and sustained inquiry, it becomes more likely that there will be (through the blessed response of grace) a shift of our identity from the personality and body to the Overself—a permanent shift, not merely a life-transforming glimpse!

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This essay will place the thought and writings of Miguel de Molinos within the teachings of the Quietist movement and examine the charges of heresy against him from this perspective. A careful review of the development and teachings of the prominent Quietists, all of whom were sanctioned by the Church, leads to the conclusion that these charges are largely unsubstantiated and based on a misinterpretation of Molinos' ideas.

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