Class Transcripts:

The archiving process for Anthony Damiani's material is gaining momentum. One of the many benefits of this project is a renewed interest in class transcripts. Currently we have just over 60 transcripts uploaded to the website, and more are being added.

As new ones are added we will add a brief summary of the class content to pique your interest.

Plotinus Class October 14, 1983:

This is a transcript of the October 14, 1983 Friday night Plotinus class. Anthony begins speaking right away, beautifully describing Plotinus's vision of soul rooted in the One as the unlived life of the One, radiating as Intellectual Principle and its life as Absolute Soul, and flowing down as the Demiurge, the various sun souls, the souls of the planets, the Earth soul, and individual human souls inhabiting a body prepared by the Earth's soul. He just speaks this forth in one uninterrupted hymn--really astounding. The rest of the class is a discussion of this presentation, with the focus more on the level of the human soul's experience of the ideas when embodied.